Friday, 12 October 2012

Boat Trip - Talikud Island

We took a bit of a boat trip out to Talikud Island, near Davao City. The sights were fantastic!

These guys were using a carabao (water buffalo) to drag new outrigger poles up onto the beach to dry out before being attached to the boat.

Preparing the pig for tomorrow's feast - "lechon", a whole roast pig, is a national speciality.

A quick glimpse of the Davao shoreline with squatter huts out over the water and the 5-star Marco Polo Hotel in the background.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Davao - Santa Ana Wharf

Davao - Bankerohan Public Market

And a few pics from travels in and around Davao in the past few days.

This first set is from Bankerohan Public Market. Don't miss the cell phone charging on top of the pig snouts! :)


So, I've moved to the Philippines... I love Winnipeg but for the next while posts will be coming in from my new home in Davao City. This first set, though, is from Manila where we spent some time on the way.